How PayRetailers Helps International Merchants Land in Latin America

By: Catalina Rivera Chacón, Communication Specialist at PayRetailers

A NEW LATIN AMERICA LANDSCAPE – Defined by a before and after the COVID pandemic, Latin America became a region with more than 600 million people who had to adapt to a new and expanding digital payment system, considering the number of regulatory hurdles the markets had to face.

Even Brazil and Mexico, which have been showing a rapid economic growth for years, Colombia, with its progress in terms of financial innovation, and Chile as the country with the highest digital growth, are countries that continue to face tedious impediments such as not having easy access to a debit or credit card, or in the worst case, having their banking data stolen.

For this reason, FinTech’s have registered a remarkable increase within the region, creating easy and secure processes with payment processors such as PayRetailers, who are experts in Latin America. A solution that offers an integrated, easy to use service that provides security for companies seeking to operate in the Latin American market and helps them comply with established regulations and laws.


PayRetailers is a global payment service provider that offers international businesses access to Latin America markets across 12 different countries, with a full range of over 250 local payment methods embedded within a single API integration that adapts to the requirements of each business, providing security for your clients.

PayRetailers has been working as a partner of international merchants for years thanks to its localized payment solution, providing them with an efficient and customized solution for each country. From quick and secure pay-outs and pay-ins, to complete control of your activities with an analysis and development system that helps the companies to which it provides services to evolve and improve.

Using this system, merchants will be able to offer an intuitive, flexible, and modern shopping experience, adapted to local currencies, optimizing approval rates, and eliminating the need to hire a payment provider in each country.


PayRetailers is part of the fintech revolution in the region because it understands each of the markets and their payment preferences, thus managing to overcome the hurdles that come with the increase of digital payments in a finance environment where cash still represents the preferred payment method of Latin Americans.

Cash is the preferred method of payment for the consumers in the region, due to the idiosyncratically informal nature of payments, the large number of people that still are not in the banking system, and the difficulties in accessing financial services and resources. However, financial inclusion continues to grow thanks to technological advances and new financial systems that integrate the different payment methods available to end customers into a single API.

With that in mind, debit and credit card payments in Latin America continue to increase, now representing 60% of e-commerce payments – as opposed to 30% for cash and alternative payments.

According to America Market Intelligence (AMI), the region has recorded a growth in the online retail market of over 8.5% since 2019, placing it as the second fastest growing market in the world behind Southeast Asia.


Serving as a bridge between international merchants and the Latin American market, PayRetailers is strategically located in each of the countries of the region, offering a wide network of products to simplify processes and guaranteeing that businesses have the most appropriate local payment methods for their consumers.

Cash payments, bank transfers, QR code payments, local cards, Bitcoin payments, and digital wallets are some of the payment alternatives that are embedded within a single integrated API that helps merchant partners to boost their sales.

Over the last few years, the use of APIs to operate in Latin America has become indispensable. More than 49% of digital businesses have decided to get one since it is an innovative tool that has become a necessity in the current global market landscape. How does it work?

With an easy integration, PayRetailers offers a flexible and complete API, optimized for websites and mobile applications, saving money and time. Offering the option to integrate it according to the needs of each business: Paywall Integration, Dynamic Method Calling, Direct Integrations and Mixed Integration.

The API is designed to support SDK libraries across multiple languages and platforms such as Python, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, among others. On top of that, it provides extensive documentation including all available payment methods per country and plug-ins that will help integrate the platform, and it offers a sandbox environment to enable validation processes of the integration before starting to use it. PayRetailers has a technical support team available 24/7 to provide the best service.


Following the changes in consumer behavior that came with the pandemic, the electronic payments sector, in addition to gaining strength within the region, has also been affected in many aspects regarding risk. However, it was possible to implement new internal improvement models to offer security to businesses and their customers thanks to the use of APIs as payment solutions.

As the use of new digital systems increases and new risks emerge, it is now necessary to have a secure platform that includes a support team who is responsible for screening and securing the legal compliance of payments made through it. Within these security parameters, PayRetailers works to provide legal oversight through an internal risk management team who monitors transactions to ensure that payments are legitimate, and the chance of fraud is reduced in each business model.

When it comes to management, merchants have access to each of the customized reports that their business needs to measure or manage the transactions and conversions in real time. All information is protected by a reliable array of payment security technologies including EMV, PCI validation, P2PE and tokenized data protection.


Beyond payment systems, markets in Latin America as a world powerhouse are in the sights of international players. Why is that? For example, Brazil is quickly increasing its financial inclusion, and with PIX, the payment method most widely used by Brazilians, the opening of new e-commerces in the country has seen a steep increase in a matter of months.

Mexico is part of a region where consumers are increasingly enrolling in the banking system, which constitutes an opportunity for digital payments with instant transactions. Colombia, which has several consolidated FinTech’s to date as well as new regulations, is now allowing access to global merchants to operate in the goods and services category.

PayRetailers is at the forefront of the industry thanks to its headquarters in Barcelona, Spain, and a wide network of regional offices with teams in Malta and Madrid, as well as in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia.

PayRetailers works for industries such as Financial Services, E-commerce, Tourism and Airlines, SaaS and Digital Services, Video Games and E-learning, among others.

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