HerVest brings financial inclusion to African women

Launched in 2020 in Lagos, Nigeria, HerVest is a startup with financial inclusion among women as a core goal. The firm, which refers to itself as “an inclusive fintech company” seeks to make financial services available to underserved and excluded populations of women spread across Africa. 

In a clearer sense, HerVest aims to bridge the US$42 billion gender finance gap for females both in urban centers and last-mile communities within the country. The firm prioritizes women in agriculture.

Some of the services provided on HerVest platforms include access to savings, fund transfers, impact investment, financial insights, and tools to underbanked women. The firm also provides blended finance to smallholder female farmers in underbanked African communities.

The firm’s platform creates a channel for an inflow of investments to female farmers, while also giving these farmers the financial literacy, education, and investment opportunities they need to scale their business. 

Since launching in 2020, HerVest’s platform is now home to over 4,000 women. The firm also raised a friends and family funding round of $100,000 in 2021. With this new fund, the firm will increase its headcount and also improve its digital infrastructure and marketing efforts.

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