Hash secures license from NBG

The National Bank of Georgia has officially granted Hash JSC, a newcomer in the digital banking sector, a banking activity license. This strategic move, announced recently, is expected to broaden customer access to financial services and introduce advanced financial technologies to the Georgian market. With the license secured on November 14, 2023, Hash Bank is now positioned to optimise banking operations through modern financial technology solutions.

Hash Bank’s recognition stems from its potential to integrate global innovation into local consumer finance, with a specific focus on appealing to tech-savvy customers. Under the “Digital bank licensing principles,” Hash JSC will initiate operations in a restricted mode, embarking on a 7-month test period. This approach underscores the National Bank of Georgia’s commitment to nurturing innovative business models and diverse financial products. It signifies a noteworthy advancement in establishing an affordable digital financial ecosystem and opens avenues for new technology players in Georgia’s banking sector, currently comprised of 16 commercial banks.

The accreditation of Hash JSC serves as a testament to the increasing acknowledgment of the role of fintech firms in competitive financial markets. By embracing these emerging players, the National Bank of Georgia aims to strengthen the overall resilience and inclusivity of the country’s banking system. This move aligns with the global trend of incorporating technology into traditional banking to cater to the evolving needs of consumers, particularly those who are tech-savvy.

The official recognition granted to Hash JSC by the National Bank of Georgia is a significant stride towards fostering innovation and expanding financial services within the country. The emphasis on digital banking signifies a commitment to modernising operations to better serve the changing landscape of the market. Hash Bank’s potential to introduce global innovation to the local consumer finance scene suggests an infusion of cutting-edge technologies into the Georgian market, targeting consumers open to embracing advanced financial solutions.

With the phased approach of operating in restricted mode and a 7-month test period, guided by the “Digital bank licensing principles,” the National Bank of Georgia aims to carefully monitor and assess Hash JSC’s operations before full-scale implementation. This measured approach underscores the commitment to innovative business models and diverse financial products, contributing to the creation of a more inclusive and resilient banking system in Georgia.

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