Google promises fair policy implementation

Google has announced that it will ensure the fair application of its Google Play payments policy in India. The company stated that it is complying with the order from the Competition Commission of India (CCI) issued in October 2022, and as part of that compliance, it will extend user choice billing to all developers in India.

This announcement comes in response to an ongoing antitrust investigation triggered by allegations made by several Indian startups. The investigation aims to determine whether Google’s in-app billing system violates regulations.

Google emphasized that its payments policy adheres to the CCI’s order. The company also defended its fees, stating in a blog post that it charges developers 15% or less, which is the lowest rate among major app stores. Furthermore, Google noted that this fee can be reduced by an additional 4% if users opt for alternative billing systems, acknowledging that Google Play’s billing system was not used.

Developers in India now have three billing options: using Google Play’s billing system, offering an alternative billing system alongside Google Play’s, or allowing users to access paid content elsewhere without a service fee. Google stated that most developers worldwide have already chosen one of these options. In India, the company is informing developers who have not implemented any of these choices that steps will be taken to ensure fair application of the policy.

Previously, the CCI fined Google Rs. 1337.76 crores for its abuse of dominant position in the Android ecosystem. The order also mandated that Google allow users to uninstall its first-party apps and cease imposing exclusivity clauses on device manufacturers.

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