Google committed to improving Africa’s digital ecosystem

Africa currently has the least level of internet connectivity of all the regions across the globe. Bad as this may seem, it also show that it is now a priority location in terms of growth potential.

While the entire globe was combating the Covid-19 health crisis in 2020, almost 20 million more Africans subscribed to a mobile service than in the previous year, according to industry trade group Global System for Mobile Communications (GSMA). Spinning off from that growth, 4G connections are on course to double over the next four years.

Large tech firms such as Google – which projects that more people running into hundreds of millions will come online across the continent for the first time in the next few years – are now taking quick steps in a bid to get ahead of the curve of Africa’s digital inclusion.

In 2020, Google’s joint report with the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation forecasted Africa’s “e-conomy” valuation would reach US$180 billion by 2025.

The findings of this report is speculated to have spurred the firm’s renewed commitment to invest US$1 billion in Africa. The core priority of this investment is to provide grants for businesses, encouraging and financing entrepreneurial feats and a major infrastructure plan aimed at expanding internet access across the continent.

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