GLORY backs Clip Money Inc.

Glory, a world-renowned provider of cash technology solutions for the financial and retail industries, today published its participation in Clip Money Inc’s most recent funding round. Clip Money is a fintech based in Canada and the United States.

Clip Money makes it easier for businesses to deposit cash by reducing trips to the bank during business hours, allowing them to spend more time with their customers.

Clip Money’s technology combines a mobile app with a cloud-based transaction platform, securely linked cash deposit devices, and management software to give an end-to-end deposit solution to businesses, whoever they bank with, at convenient places such as top tier malls and large box shops.

Clip Money’s self-service network is open much beyond traditional bank branch hours, allowing businesses to have a better experience and boost cash flow.

Clip also assists financial institutions in expanding their network beyond the branch in order to cut costs related to their physical footprint, manual processes, and in-person transaction processing.

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