GlobeNet to build a second Colombian data center

Latin America-headquartered data center firm GlobeNet has issued a public statement detailing its plans to develop a new data center in Barranquilla, Colombia.

Based on the current schedule, the new facility is slated to go live and commence operations during Q3 2022. This new step is also expected to quadruple the number of racks and power GlobeNet currently has available in the country.

In 2017, GlobeNet established its first data center in Colombia, a 200 sqm (2,153 sq ft) facility also in Barranquilla, located adjacent to its cable landing station.

“We decided to build our second Edge data center in Barranquilla because it is a strategic interconnection point in South America for Operators, ISPs, OTTs, and local and international content delivery networks or CDNs,” said Eduardo Falzoni, CEO of GlobeNet.

By the close of 2022, the firm will have five Edge data center locations in Latin America alone.

The planned data center in Colombia comes on the heels of another announcement made earlier this month about the firm’s plans to develop a new data center in Fortaleza, Brazil. 

The new facility is also scheduled to commence operations in Q3 2022 and will triple the number of racks and power currently available in GlobeNet’s existing data center in Fortaleza, which went online for the first time in 2018.

“After a successful experience with our first data center in Barranquilla, this new Edge data center will enable further scale growth for Colombia’s digital economy, reinforcing our commitment to provide the most advanced data center and connectivity solutions for users and companies in the region,” added Fabio Laguado, CCO of GlobeNet.

GlobeNet is owned by BTG Pactual Infrastructure Fund II. The firm operates a wholesale telecom business and owns a number of submarine cables in Latin America as well as Cable Landing Stations in Brazil, Colombia, and the US in New Jersey and Florida.

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