GFH has a buyout plan for Khaleeji Commercial Bank

GFH Financial Group is an investment firm with headquarters in Bahrain. The firm has had a great first quarter, as its earnings per share rose from $0.15 in 2020 to $0.53. 

GFH has already made a series of investments in Khaleeji Commercial Bank which has changed the firm’s course from a path of loss and returned it to profitability. A while ago, GFH purchased additional equity to take its stake in the bank to 69.05%, up by over 14% from the previous 55.41%. 

The previous steps taken set the stage for a voluntary takeover offer which GFH has now made for the issued shares of Khaleeji Commercial Bank, which currently holds a market capitalization of $133 million.

GFH has experienced significant growth over the year by focusing primarily on sectors such as commercial and investment banking, real estate, treasury bills, and so on. The group has also successfully initiated a launch into the international market, starting with the United States and the United Kingdom.

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