Franco-Ivorian fintech Julaya raises $2M

Julaya, a France- and Côte d’Ivoire-based fintech firm, has completed a pre-series A funding round, raising a total of US$2M from angel investors and venture capital funds.

Julaya’s platform offers a variety of B2B payment solutions, allowing corporations and government agencies or institutions to make deposits into mobile money and mobile banking wallets. One of Julaya’s leading clients is Jumia, one of Africa’s largest e-commerce platforms.

With the newly acquired capital, Julaya intends to enhance and expand. That is, to invest in product development and also to gain more market presence, especially in West Africa. 

Julaya first launched in 2018, pioneered by co-founders Mathias Léopoldie and Charles Talbot. The partners were once employees of France-based fintech firm LemonWay.

“Having worked in the nascent mobile money industry, we realized that the large consumer penetration of telecom operators would benefit businesses that wanted to reach the unbanked and make fast payments,” said Mathias Léopoldie, co-founder and CEO.

“Our platform Julaya enables companies to streamline their accounting. They improve their operational efficiency by digitizing their payments to workers and suppliers,” he added.

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