Flutterwave’s Send App now supports US and Canada Remittance

African paytech company Flutterwave has upgraded its ‘Send App’ to support transfers from the United States and Canada. The app, previously known as ‘$end Mobile’, was initially launched in 2021 with the objective of providing a fast, transparent, and secure way for the African diaspora to send money to friends and family in Africa.

The recent expansion of the app’s remittance capabilities comes as remittances to Africa have doubled in the past decade, reaching an estimated $100 billion in 2022, according to the United Nations. These crucial remittances support medical bills, school fees, and living expenses for around 200 million relatives in Africa.

With the addition of Egypt and Senegal as the newest recipient countries, Flutterwave aims to further strengthen its network and enhance the customer experience for users. The Send App is readily available for download on both Play Store and App Store.

The upgraded app introduces several key features to improve usability and convenience. It offers real-time support and exchange rate updates, an enhanced activity section that tracks transactions in real-time, and a new voucher code section to provide users with discounts on their transactions. Existing users can update their apps to access these new capabilities and enjoy the improved user interface.

Temioluwa Adesina, the lead product manager at Send, expressed her excitement about the enhanced Send App, emphasising the company’s dedication to creating the ultimate money transfer solution for Africans in the diaspora. Adesina sees this app as a crucial tool to empower millions of Africans at home and abroad, enabling them to easily, safely, and quickly connect and support each other through seamless money transfers.

Olugbenga GB Agboola, the founder and CEO of Flutterwave, also expressed his enthusiasm for the Send App’s evolution. He emphasised that no matter where Africans find themselves in the world, they remain tied to their roots and seek ways to support and stay connected with loved ones back home. The Send App, with its cross-border experience and global payment infrastructure, aims to simplify payments and provide endless possibilities for Africans in the diaspora to connect with their home countries. Agboola sees the Send App as a critical step towards achieving that mission.

With Flutterwave’s continuous efforts to expand and improve its services, the company is poised to make a significant impact on remittance flows between Africa and the rest of the world, fostering financial inclusion and facilitating stronger connections among African communities.

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