FIS Launches New Platform Named Atelio

FIS, a global leader in financial technology, has launched Atelio, a new platform designed to help financial institutions, businesses, and software developers integrate financial services into their products and operations. Atelio provides a comprehensive suite of financial tools, including deposit collection, fund transfers, card issuance, invoicing, fraud prevention, cash flow forecasting, and customer behaviour analysis.

The launch of Atelio represents a strategic move into the growing field of embedded finance, which involves integrating financial services into non-financial products or platforms. Tarun Bhatnagar, President of Platform and Enterprise Products at FIS, stated, “Atelio by FIS is our vision to lead where fintech is going, which is outside the boundaries of how businesses enable, and their customers consume financial services today. More than just a new solution, Atelio is built to lend the expertise, tools, and distribution so that our users and clients can focus on creating.”

KeyBank, College Ave, and RoyalPay Inc. are among the first companies to adopt Atelio, indicating strong interest in streamlined financial solutions that can be embedded into existing systems. The platform’s flexible design allows for broader participation in the expanding field of fintech.

The launch of Atelio comes at a time when FIS is actively exploring new areas of financial technology. In February, FIS partnered with Banked, an open banking solutions provider, to offer direct payments within the banking sector. This partnership uses APIs and real-time payment services to facilitate fund transfers without the need for traditional card details or account numbers, providing a seamless user experience.

Additionally, FIS has partnered with Stratyfy, a machine learning company, to enhance its fraud detection capabilities for card transactions. This collaboration aims to tackle the increasing risk of fraudulent activities, using advanced machine learning to detect and prevent fraud without causing unnecessary disruptions to customers.

With Atelio, FIS aims to position itself at the forefront of innovation in the fintech industry. The platform’s ability to integrate various financial services into existing business processes aligns with the growing trend of embedded finance. By providing accessible fintech capabilities, FIS hopes to drive greater participation in this rapidly evolving sector.

As open banking gains traction in the United States, FIS intends to expand these new features across a range of industries, including insurance, higher education, utilities, and government agencies. Seamus Smith, Group President for Global Business-to-Business Payments at FIS, highlighted that the company’s partnership with Banked demonstrates its commitment to offering innovative payment services across critical industries.

With Atelio and its other strategic partnerships, FIS continues to push the boundaries of fintech, creating new opportunities for businesses and financial institutions to streamline their operations and offer enhanced services to their customers.

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