First bank douses employee fears amid robotics move

The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of First Bank of Nigeria, Mr Adesola Adeduntan, has emphasised the significant impact of the bank’s recent technological advancements and digital service enhancements on curbing instances of forgery, fraud, and other illicit activities within the banking sector. These innovative measures are strategically designed to coexist harmoniously with the services provided by the bank’s staff.

Mr Adeduntan reaffirmed this assurance during the inauguration of the bank’s second fully automated Digital Xperience Centre at the University of Ibadan. He highlighted the transformative nature of this digital technology, noting that customers will no longer experience the inconvenience of getting stranded. With the introduction of this centre, customers can effortlessly engage in their banking activities without needing to interact with human personnel.

The centre features machines capable of issuing debit cards, interactive robots for inquiries, and account opening assistance. Additionally, the robots can assist in promptly blocking accounts in the event of suspected fraudulent activities, as revealed by Mr Adeduntan.

He further explained that this pioneering digital service represents a remarkable step forward, as the bank is the first bank in Nigeria to establish such a digital experience centre. Its initial centre is located at its Adetokunbo Ademola Street branch on Victoria Island, Lagos.

The choice of the University of Ibadan for the second centre was driven by the institution’s advanced initiatives and the belief that its students, faculty, and the local community will greatly benefit from this innovative facility.

Mr Adeduntan asserted that the Digital Experience Centre signifies a substantial advancement for First Bank, signifying a paradigm shift in the country’s banking landscape. It offers customers access to top-tier, inventive banking services, allowing them to directly engage with the future of banking. The initiative aligns with the bank’s commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences and maintaining a leading position in financial innovation.

He underscored the significance of biometrics and the National Identification Number (NIN) in the bank’s operations, facilitating the identification of all Nigerian customers and aligning with the government’s sector goals.

Additionally he added that the presence of a cash recycler eliminates the need for branch visits for transactions. This machine enables users to deposit cash, link it to their account, and receive a receipt, ensuring accuracy in transactions. These technological strides are expected to significantly curtail fraud and enhance security within the banking ecosystem.

Mr Adeduntan reminisced that the first Digital Experience Centre was established at the revamped Adetokunbo Ademola branch in Victoria Island, Lagos. He highlighted that the University of Ibadan was chosen due to its forward-thinking atmosphere and the potential benefits to students, lecturers, and local customers.

In response, Professor Kayode Adebowale, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Ibadan, commended First Bank’s visionary leadership and encouraged people to embrace this innovative endeavour. He praised the bank’s unique expertise, acknowledging it as a financial institution that sets itself apart from its peers. The Vice Chancellor emphasised the substantial benefits for the university community, enabling students to conduct transactions seamlessly using their lecture notes and without requiring human interaction.

He extended gratitude to the bank’s management for selecting the university’s environment as the ideal setting for this technological advancement.

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