Finpartner – An Innovative Portuguese Company

By Daniela Esteves, Partner at accounting firm FinPartner

Founded in 2006, Finpartner has become a specialist in providing accounting, tax, payroll, and  consulting services to national and international clients.  

Our activities are focused on national and international companies, as well as individuals, always  ensuring accounting, consulting, and tax advisory services at the highest level, and responding  to all the challenges that the economic and fiscal scenery requires us to. We have international  experience in more than 30 countries and we have offices in Lisbon, Algarve, and Porto. 

We also have departments and teams specialized in the various areas of accounting and a team  dedicated to immigration – The immigration Desk – which helps individuals to settle in Portugal,  assisting in fulfilling the necessary requirements to obtain visas as well as comply with tax and  declarative obligations. A major growth area in Finpartner is the payroll department. Payroll can  be a challenge for both large and small companies, so Finpartner has a highly trained and  efficient team who understands the business and help with the day-to-day management. 

Through partnerships, with our national and international network of contacts, we are able to  provide complementary services such as insurance, tax incentives, due diligence, business plan,  treasury management, among others. 

We work to be more efficient and proactive and we are constantly improving our services, thus  contributing to the development and sustainable growth of our client´s businesses. 

Our Team 

Our team consists of 30 experienced, dynamic, and dedicated professionals, qualified for the  work they perform, with proficiency in several foreign languages, thus ensuring technical skills  and responsibility for the services provided. Focusing on continuous training and the mutual  support of our professionals, we always try to adapt ourselves to the different challenges  presented by our clients. 


Finpartner distinguishes itself from other accounting firms by the differentiated concept of  proximity to the client, the use of new technologies, a young and dedicated team and to the 

commitment to the quality of the service provided. We believe that we can make a difference  in a sector that is currently stagnant. 

We want this process to be continuous and that our services are provided at the best level. 

We constantly invest in technology, either by developing existing programs on the market, or by  creating robots tailored to our needs and developing them in-house. A good relationship with  our clients is our priority and for this, we have developed mechanisms and tools that help in this  perspective. We value online meetings through Skype, Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet,  facilitating all communication and information exchange. 

We are a company that invests in technological development, and have achieved ISO 9001:2015  Quality Certification in the scope of accounting and payroll services. 

We are currently starting the audit for the quality certification of the fiscal representation  service, more geared towards individuals who wish to obtain visas to reside and/or invest.  

Our APP 

The priority at Finpartner is always a quick and personalized support to our clients, and with the  challenges posed by the COVID 19 pandemic, there was a need to create a new communication  channel with our clients and from there came the idea of developing an APP. 

The APP Finpartner, is available in five languages, and allows the user to with just one click make  payments, buy services, access the payroll simulator, upload and download documents,  schedule meetings, access exclusive information content and benefit from our points attribution  area – Gamification. – The Gamification tool, aims to encourage our clients to adopt certain  practices, which result to the awarding of points that can be redeemed for additional services. 

More recently we have developed a new feature, Finny, a virtual assistant that alerts our clients to tax or declarative deadlines, informing about relevant opportunities that arise and that may  benefit our clients’ business as well as providing personalized alerts on relevant data from their  company accounts and investments. 

Future objectives 

Finpartner uses as its slogan “Your Business Partner” because this is its main mission – to be a  true business partner in accounting, taxation, management, and human resources with a view  to mutually beneficial relationships. Therefore, the company will have the following strategy:

• Monitor the processes and adopt efficient procedures, allowing the uniformity of the  performance methods and the continuous improvement of the efficiency and  effectiveness of the system. 

• Ensure the evolution, continuous training, and organizational development, to  constantly adapt to clients and partners, their wishes and needs, good practices, the  most advanced technologies, and methodologies. 

• Improve brand communication abroad, to create fidelity, to reinforce brand recall, to  reinforce decisions, behaviors, and attitudes. For this we will reinforce the digital  strategy, betting on ads, and the creation of own content as chronic and articles. It is  important to mention that we will launch later this November our new website with  new features. 

• Continuous improvement of our APP to make it more interactive and collaborative to become an element that adds value to the relationship with our clients by being a tool  to help managing their companies or investments. Deepen our investment in continuous  development in the IT area, continuing to create mechanisms that allow us to eliminate  repetitive tasks and allow us to focus on what is most relevant to our client, reinforcing  our role as a business partner. Another area that we will be exploring soon is the  implementation of blockchain technology in our area of activity, which will be a huge  step forward since we are talking about the most innovative technology in the market  nowadays.

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