EV infrastructure plan open for requests in Delaware

The Delaware Department of Transportation has announced the commencement of the request for proposals for the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Plan. This initiative aims to facilitate the establishment of rapid electric vehicle charging stations along highways in Delaware. Over the span of five years, the state is set to receive a total of $17.5 million through this program.

Under the provisions of the federal Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan Law, the overarching objective of the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Plan is to establish approximately 500,000 new charging stations along major travel routes across the nation.

Delaware’s specific proposal entails the creation of a network of electric vehicle charging stations along key routes such as Route 13, Route 113, Route 1, and I-95. These stations will be strategically positioned within a range of one to 50 miles from one another. This network will cater to the needs of over 10,000 electric vehicles that are registered in the state.

Governor John Carney highlighted the significance of this initiative in the context of the state’s Climate Action Plan. He stated, “As our state continues the work of implementing our Climate Action Plan, reducing vehicle greenhouse emissions is a key factor in our efforts to address climate change. Building a network of charging stations across the state will help us make electric vehicle usage more accessible.”

The vendors selected for this endeavour will be entrusted with the task of installing new direct-current fast-charging stations along the specified corridors. Their responsibilities will encompass both the installation and operational aspects of these charging stations.

Interested parties can submit their proposals until 2 p.m. on September 14. Detailed information regarding the bidding process can be found on the Delaware government’s news portal at news.delaware.gov.

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