EU To Invest €193m In Naval Defence Projects

The European Commission has announced the outcomes of the 2022 calls for proposals under the European Defence Fund (EDF), revealing a total of €832 million in EU funding allocated to support 41 joint defence research and development projects throughout the European Union.

Among the selected projects, six research and development initiatives with naval applications have secured a combined EU funding of €193 million. These projects cover a range of areas, including railgun technology and collaborative combat, aiming to enhance Europe’s high-end defence capabilities. Notably, the E-NACSOS project will focus on developing a new collaborative standard for anti-air and missile defence in the naval field. In the air category, the REACTII project will work on improving resilience and management for electronic warfare. Additionally, the ODIN’S EYE II project will focus on space-based missile early warning, involving industry participation from 14 EU member states and Norway.

The outcomes of the 2022 calls demonstrate the EDF’s contribution to the EU’s strategic autonomy and its role in fostering a more competitive and integrated European defence technological and industrial base. The strong interest and active engagement of the EU defence industry in all call topics are evident in the results. The selected consortia involve a total of 550 entities from across the EU and Norway, with a notable representation of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which make up 39% of all participating entities.

By the deadline of 24th November 2022, the European defence industry had submitted 134 proposals for joint defence research and development projects, aligning with the thematic priorities identified by the Member States with the Commission’s support. These numbers reflect the industry’s enthusiasm and commitment to the ambitions set forth by the EDF programme.

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