EQT launches EQT Active Core Infrastructure

EQT announces the launch of EQT Active Core Infrastructure, a longer-term fund with a focus on downside protection that employs EQT’s active ownership strategy to core infrastructure businesses.

Companies that provide essential services to society will be targeted by EQT Active Core Infrastructure, which will provide a unique and appealing risk-return proposition based on stable cash yield generation, inflation protection, low volatility, and the pursuit of longer-term value creation opportunities, all while actively contributing to the Fund’s sustainability objectives.

The Fund will have a target size of EUR 5 billion and will rely on the EQT Infrastructure platform’s sector teams’ knowledge and deal sourcing capabilities, as well as local market access and a proven value creation toolset.

To yet, no hard cap has been set, and the final fund size will be determined by the results of the fundraising process, which may be larger or lower than the target fund size.

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