Elevating Tourism in LatAm: PayRetailers’ Empowering Digital Payment Solutions

Tourism and travel play a crucial role in driving the economies of Latin American countries, currently contributing 8.3% to the regional economic landscape. Travelers from various parts of the world converge in this region, generating a market closely tied to economic growth, where Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, and Mexico stand out as industry leaders.

This sector presents diverse challenges for supporting businesses, including the advancement of payment systems that streamline industry operations. Freedom of choice in payment methods, security, and specific country regulations constitute daily challenges for both merchants and consumers in the region.

PayRetailers positions itself as the partner that has effectively collaborated with numerous merchants to overcome these barriers. We assist in optimizing payments for tourism service providers, thereby making travel experiences more accessible and affordable for consumers. We simplify operations and financial flows in emerging economies, contributing to a more dynamic and connected industry.

Reshaping the Tourism Landscape

Mobile-driven bookings and tourism-related purchases are on the rise, leading to a 27% growth in digital payments preferences within the industry this year. It’s anticipated that such transactions will surge up to 82% by 2030.

In this context, the ability to choose payment methods equates to growth and broader reach. Travelers prioritize security and process ease when making purchases, making ‘instant payments’ and card transactions – which accounted for 41% of industry payments in 2022 – essential options within a business’s payment offerings in the region.

Similarly, giving importance to payments through wallets, contactless methods, and cash is crucial, as a significant portion of Latin Americans prefer these options.

From cards to cash, 48% of travelers admit they are more inclined to make purchases when a business offers payment method diversity, reducing cart abandonment with increased variety.

Reservations and travel-related purchases through mobile devices are continuously on the rise. Consequently, digital payments have witnessed a 27% increase in preference within the industry this year, with projections indicating that this mode of transactions will grow up to 82% by 2030.

In this context, the ability to choose from diverse payment methods translates to increased growth and greater expansion. Travelers deem security and process simplicity as crucial when managing a purchase. Hence, options for instant payments and card transactions, accounting for 41% of industry transactions in 2022, should be integral to the alternatives a business offers in the region.

Furthermore, it’s essential to prioritize payment modes like electronic wallets, contactless payments, and cash, as these options are favored by a significant portion of Latin Americans. From card usage to cash, 48% of travelers admit they’d be more inclined to make purchases if a business offers a variety of payment methods. Consequently, the more diversity there is, the lower the cart abandonment rate.

Next-level ventures, smooth payment links

The convenience offered by payment links in the Latin American tourism sector presents an opportunity for rapid business growth. This system emerges as one of the most utilized and sought-after, representing a technology investment with substantial growth prospects today.

Payment links provide a swift and secure payment process, streamlining reservations and boosting conversion rates. Studies reveal that companies adopting payment links experience an average 20% increase in sales and a 40% decrease in cart abandonment rates.

PayRetailers offers customizable payment links that make it easy for merchants to receive payments from anywhere in the region. These links can be shared through social networks with a flexible omnichannel experience, protecting against fraud with continuously updated technology. This expands the reach of commerce, attracts more customers, and drives tourism growth in Latin America.

Protecting all payment process stages

Security remains an ongoing challenge for both merchants and end users in a vast sector like tourism. The primary concerns of online travel buyers revolve around the security of shared information (41%) and the threat of cyberattacks (44%).

PayRetailers has fortified its payment strategies to combat fraud and maintain industry excellence. Its system ensures secure transactions in e-commerce, providing all necessary tools within an integrated solution. By employing advanced technologies and data analysis, it identifies suspicious patterns in incoming and outgoing payments, ensuring the success of each transaction.

This security strategy safeguards every stage of the payment process, achieving an optimal balance between maximum security and exceptional performance. PayRetailers has devised a localized strategy to safeguard its merchant and end-user clients, generating real-time reports and providing a highly skilled customer service team to address any issues and enhance conversions.

In summary, payment process fraud isn’t a concern for PayRetailers, as its focus is on ensuring customer security and optimizing operations. This Spanish-origin payment leader has positioned itself as the ideal ally for businesses seeking expansion in the dynamic and competitive Latin American industry. Its commitment to security, array of payment options, and adaptability to evolving market needs make it an essential tool for driving commerce growth and success.

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