Element Ventures raises $130M to back B2B fintech

A report published by Dealroom revealed that fintech firms in Europe have raised US$12.3 billion in 2021. Yet, the market has room for more funding and capital investments, especially for B2B fintech startups.

This is why B2B fintech-focused Element Ventures has set up a $130 million fund to drive more investment in these new crops of fintech.

Launched by experts in the financial services sector Stephen Gibson and Michael McFadgen, and joined later by former HSBC exec Spencer Lake, Element sources its fund from finance-oriented LPs and about 30 other founders and execs in the industry.

Element has indicated that it will be applying what it called a “high conviction investment strategy,” meaning that high priority will be given to investing huge capital in just a few firms, analysts suggest 15.

As of today, Element Ventures has funded several B2B fintech companies in the United Kingdom and across the rest of Europe. 

Some of the firms on its portfolio includes Germany-based insurance platform Hepster (US$10 million raised so far), Sweden-based B2B payment solution Billhop (US$6.7 million raised so far), UK-based crypto firm Coincover (US$11.6 million raised so far), and Swedish-based subscription management platform Minna (US$25 million raised so far).

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