Electrify America to double number of EV chargers

Electrify America (EA), a unit established by Volkswagen, has announced that it plans to expand its electric vehicles (EV) charging infrastructure around the country, hoping to double the number of stations in Canada and the United States by 2025. 

Volkswagen was recently caught in a scandal when it was discovered by U.S. regulators that it cheated on its diesel emissions requirements. Setting up Electrify America was part of a settlement deal reached on that matter. 

This recent proposition, if followed through from production to installation within the set timeline, will see both North American nations adding 1,800 fully operational fast-charging stations (or 10,000 individual chargers) by 2025

The United States will be home to most of the charging stations (approximately 1,700) while the rest will be installed in Canada.

As a take-off point for the broader project, EA has set a target of 800 charging stations and 3,500 individual chargers in the United States before the close of 2021. 

Today, EA has delivered about 635 of those charging stations. The firm is now hinting that the road ahead may see it spending more than the US$2bn earmarked for its 10-year clean energy infrastructure plan in 2017.

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