Egypt Explores Natural Gas Collaboration with Copelouzos Group

Egypt’s Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Tarek El Molla, recently held discussions with a delegation led by Dimitrios Ch. Copelouzo, Chairperson of the Copelouzos Group. The meeting aimed to explore potential collaboration in various aspects of the natural gas sector, including trade, transportation, distribution, and infrastructure development.

The focus of the discussions entered on potential partnerships between Egyptian petroleum companies and Prometheus Gas, a subsidiary of the Greek Copelouzos Group. Prometheus Gas specialises in gas trading, distribution, infrastructure projects, and pipeline construction.

Minister El-Molla highlighted the Ministry’s ongoing efforts in research and exploration to enhance Egypt’s oil and gas reserves. The expansion aims to meet domestic energy needs and generate surplus for value-added industries and exports. He also emphasised Egypt’s robust natural gas infrastructure, positioning the country as a crucial hub for delivering Eastern Mediterranean gas to the global market.

Copelouzo, in turn, underscored Prometheus Gas’ expertise in gas trading, distribution, infrastructure development, and project supply. He expressed the group’s interest in collaborating with Egyptian entities to leverage the resources and expertise of both nations for mutual benefits in the natural gas sector.

The positive tone of the meeting suggests that concrete cooperation agreements between Egyptian petroleum companies and Prometheus Gas may be in the pipeline. If realised, these agreements could lead to expanded natural gas trade, infrastructure development projects, and a strengthened energy partnership between Egypt and Greece.

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