Ebury and Nium Forge Partnership for Cross-Border Payments

Ebury, a leading FinTech catering to SMEs, has announced an expanded alliance with Nium, a global leader in real-time payments, to introduce an innovative global remittance service in Brazil. This collaboration follows regulatory approval for Ebury’s acquisition of Brazilian FinTech Bexs, comprising Bexs Banco and Bexs Pay, now operating under the banner of Ebury Bank in Brazil.

The partnership aims to empower businesses with fast, reliable, and cost-effective cross-border payment solutions, leveraging Ebury’s expertise in facilitating transactions for SMEs and Nium’s proficiency in real-time global payments. Building on their existing partnership in Europe, where Ebury utilises Nium’s global payments infrastructure, the initiative seeks to enhance international trade capabilities and streamline payment flows for businesses operating in Brazil.

By integrating Nium’s bulk cross-border payment solutions with Ebury’s extensive payment network, the collaboration aims to revolutionise the efficiency, speed, and cost of international transactions, benefiting businesses and individuals alike. This initiative is expected to enhance Brazil’s connectivity to emerging markets, previously inaccessible, and introduce security and effectiveness into transactions within the Brazilian market.

Nium’s strategic focus on Latin America, exemplified by its entry into the region with a new office in Sao Paulo, underscores its commitment to digital payment innovation in Brazil. This partnership marks Nium’s inaugural bank partnership in Brazil and aims to catalyse digital payment innovation while addressing the challenges faced by businesses and individuals in international transactions.

Luiz Henrique Didier Jr., Executive Director of Ebury Bank in Brazil, highlighted the significance of the partnership in connecting Brazilian consumers with global markets, emphasising the seamless technological integration and the confidence it instills in the team.

Christina Hutchinson, General Manager, Brazil and Head of Business Development, LATAM at Nium, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, underscoring Brazil’s potential to set a global example in digital payment innovation. Hutchinson highlighted the initiative’s aim to provide more affordable and efficient cross-border payment solutions, benefiting Brazil’s underbanked SME and consumer population.

The partnership between Ebury and Nium signifies a significant step towards modernising cross-border payments in Brazil, aligning with the country’s evolving digital landscape and fostering financial inclusion for businesses and individuals alike.

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