DWS infrastructure fund to buy radiotherapy provider

DWS has poured an unnamed amount in investment into the acquisition of a radiotherapy platform provider in Germany on behalf of its third pan-European infrastructure (PEIF III) fund

The manager’s PEIF III fund – which recently closed a €3bn fundraise in June – has purchased RadioOnkologieNetzwerk (RON) in partnership with the founders, Sandra Röddiger and Ralf Kurek.

RON is the operator of the largest radiotherapy network in Germany and it currently has 17 different sites across five states in the country.

DWS said RON will be merged with the manager’s existing investment in Medipass to form a leader in the offering of cancer care and advanced diagnostic imaging services across Europe.

The new entity formed from this union will leverage the benefits from the firm’s existing operations in Germany, Italy, and the UK.

DWS indicated that it hopes to back the firm’s expansion plan through both the acquisition of new clinics and organic growth via new outsourcing contracts with hospitals, in existing and new territories of operations, such as France, Austria, and Switzerland.

Hamish Mackenzie, the head of Infrastructure at DWS, said: “We look forward to working with hospitals and clinicians across Europe to achieve our shared vision of providing an increasing number of patients with these essential high-quality cancer care services across the continent.”

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