DriveWealth taps Sproutfi to open US Investments to LatAm

DriveWealth, LLC, a fractional investing and embedded finance pioneer, and Sproutfi, a social-first investment platform that offers securities through its affiliate Northbound Securities LLC, announced a partnership today to provide everyone in Latin America with affordable access to investing in U.S. markets.

DriveWealth will hold accounts made through the Sproutfi platform. Users can participate in the US markets with as low as $1 using DriveWealth’s real-time fractional trading technology, while Sproutfi’s community-based smartphone experience makes investing accessible and informative.

Investors can trade and hold fractional share quantities of less than one full-share (e.g. 0.45 shares) in their accounts via fractional trading.

Investing in the US markets used to be an alienating experience for Latin Americans, as it was thought to be reserved for high-net-worth individuals with a thorough understanding of the markets.

While the World Bank estimates that 46 percent of Latin America’s population lacks access to financial services, technology is pushing financial inclusion in a variety of ways.

Sproutfi is offering the technology they need to make investing deeply social, as many first-time investors resort to social networks to learn about investing. With the help of simple-to-use investment products, educational content, and social networking tools, users can access community insights to learn about investing from their friends.

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