DFC Provides US$18mn Loan to Axxis Hospital

The US International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) has announced the disbursement of a loan to Axxis Hospital, an 84-bed women’s and children’s hospital in Quito, Ecuador. Axxis is the country’s only private healthcare facility dedicated to providing cutting-edge maternal and pediatric care.

“DFC’s investment in Axxis Hospital expands access to and strengthens healthcare infrastructure in Ecuador, a key U.S. partner in Latin America,” said DFC CEO Scott Nathan. “The project is a strong example of DFC’s work providing and expanding critical healthcare services for women and children.”

“Axxis Hospital de Especialidades undertook the creation of the Maternal and Children’s hospital, a step that constitutes a milestone in our history due to the great advances in technology and specialization in medical management,” said Dr. Antonio Naranjo, Chief Executive Officer at Axxis Hospital.

Axxis Hospital will receive increased capacity as a result of DFC’s direct loan, which will help to close the gap in quality care for women and children. The hospital will be able to hire an additional 300 people and expand its patient capacity by approximately 70 beds thanks to DFC funding.

The financing will also be used to upgrade medical equipment. MELE Associates, a Rockville, MD-based firm, will handle the project’s construction and facilities management.

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