Curve Apologizes for Misleading Terms of Service Update

London-based fintech company Curve has issued an apology after a misleading update to its terms of service caused confusion among customers. The update initially suggested that Curve cardholders would be able to make payments to merchants classified as “high risk,” even if their underlying payment sources would typically block such transactions.

In an email sent to account holders last week, Curve stated: “You will now be able to use your Curve card to pay merchants that may otherwise be blocked by your underlying payment source provider due to them being seen as ‘high risk.’” This announcement implied that Curve could bypass restrictions set by the cardholder’s primary payment providers.

However, eight days later, Curve clarified that it would not permit payments that are blocked by the underlying payment sources. The company admitted the initial communication was erroneous and issued an apology for the confusion.

Curve explained that the updated terms of service were meant to allow transactions on websites related to porn, gambling, and cryptocurrency trading—categories often blocked by payment companies due to higher fraud risks. The company emphasised its belief that consumers should have the ultimate choice in managing their finances, adding that it would introduce a transaction fee for such high-risk payments.

In a follow-up email, Curve sought to clarify the policy: “If your underlying payment source provider does not permit certain transactions, Curve can’t allow them either! Therefore, as per paragraph 22 of our Terms of Service, you can now use your Curve card to transact with merchants that Curve may have blocked in the past due to them being perceived as high-risk, but you are unable to circumvent controls put forward by your linked card/account issuer if the issuer does not allow such high-risk purchases.”

Curve reiterated that it would continue to block transactions or specific merchant category codes in line with the restrictions of the underlying payment source providers. The company concluded its message by thanking customers for their understanding and apologising for the confusion caused.

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