Connecticut Green Bank crosses $2bn in investment

The Connecticut Green Bank’s annual report for the fiscal year 2021 shows that the bank has invested more than $2 billion in the state’s green economy.

The Green Bank, the country’s first, was established in July 2011 and has raised $288.4 million in public funds to attract $1.85 billion in private investment, resulting in a leverage ratio of $7.40 for every $1.

In terms of economic development, environmental preservation, equity, and energy efficiency, the Connecticut Green Bank leverages public funding to attract private investments to provide renewable energy and energy efficiency to families, businesses, and communities (E4 metrics).

In addition to its investments, the Connecticut Green Bank has helped to create over 23,000 green energy employment in the state, as well as lowering energy costs for over 55,000 households, businesses, and charities.

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