Colombia generates US$3.5bn in investments and credits

The President of the Republic, Yvan Duque Marquez, indicated that his visit to Glasgow, France, the United Arab Emirates, and Israel has yielded great fruits, making over US$3.5 billion in investments and credit resources available to Colombia.

“We are very pleased and satisfied with the achievement of the objectives of this international tour,” the president announced in Tel Aviv while rounding up his trip to Israel with a meeting in the technology district of Start-Up Nation Central, adding that “total balance, there is more than US$3.5 billion between investments, credit resources and resources facilitator for our country.”

The head of state began his international tour officially after arriving in Glasgow (Scotland, United Kingdom) on October 31, where he also participated in the COP26 climate summit. He noted that the result in the four countries visited “in foreign direct investment resources is more than US$2.5 billion. Concessional and fiduciary resources and cooperation in environmental matters exceed US$1 billion.”

“We saw it for the first time in Glasgow. More than US$1 billion in loans, aid resources, contingent resources, and technical cooperation are in support of the Columbia Environmental Agenda,” he noted.

In France, he obtained investments ranging in billions, after which he moved on to the UAE and left with over US$70 million in investments. He expressed his belief that there was a possibility of deepening the country’s relation with the UAE in the near future.

The last leg of his international tour was to Israel where he sealed investments worth well over US$70 million”.

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