Citi Plans Hiring Spree for Commercial Banking in Asia

The commercial banking division of Citi is expanding, with the Asia Pacific area accounting for the majority of the expansion ambitions.

According to a release, Citi Commercial Bank (CCB) intends to add 900 people internationally over the next three years, including 400 commercial bankers.

CCB is looking for mid-sized and rising corporations with yearly revenues of $10 million to $3 billion.

The majority of the hiring plans will be concentrated on Asia, which will account for roughly 350 total employees over the next three years, including almost 200 commercial bankers.

China (about 80 targeted hires), Hong Kong (almost 100), India (approximately 80), and Singapore would be the primary markets in the region (over 30).

“Asia Pacific is home to a rapidly growing number of new and emerging corporates, as well as mid-sized companies, that are aggressively pursuing growth,” said APAC head of CCB Rajat Madhok.

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