Chipper Cash partners Visa for growth

Chipper Cash, a financial services company serving over five million customers in Africa and the US, has revealed a strategic partnership with Visa aimed at fostering growth and financial inclusion across the African continent. This partnership builds on their established relationship, which began in 2021 when Chipper Cash launched its Chipper Card in collaboration with Visa. The Chipper Card enables customers to use the Visa network for global payments and has recently seen the issuance of one million cards, making Chipper Cash the largest provider of virtual cards in Africa.

The expanded deal with Visa involves further collaboration in card issuance and extends to regulatory and functional areas, including Visa licensing and marketing. The objective is to leverage the expertise of both Chipper Cash and Visa to enhance financial services and accessibility for customers.

Brett Magrath, Chief Product Officer at Chipper Cash, expressed the company’s commitment to strengthening its relationship with Visa and its excitement about the partnership. The collaboration with Visa allows Chipper Cash to accelerate the delivery of products and services to customers, harnessing Visa’s global reach to achieve this goal.

Meagan Rabe, Senior Director of Fintechs for Visa Sub-Saharan Africa, emphasised Visa’s support for the growing demand for digital financial services in Africa and its commitment to driving meaningful impact across the continent through this expanded collaboration with Chipper Cash.

Tefiro Serunjogi, Head of Consumer Products at Chipper Cash, highlighted the importance of offering trusted and reliable products like the Chipper Card to the market. He noted that for 21% of customers, getting a Chipper Card represents their first time accessing a payment card, underscoring the role of such products in driving financial inclusivity.

This partnership with Visa is part of Chipper Cash’s mission to provide trustworthy and dependable financial services to people in Africa and beyond. It comes on the heels of Chipper Cash’s recent launch of Chipper ID, an AI-driven verification and onboarding tool designed for the African market.

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