China asks US to reconsider sanctions

China has urged the United States to take practical steps to address its concerns over sanctions on Chinese companies following US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s extensive meetings with senior officials in Beijing.

China’s finance ministry stated on Monday that it agreed to maintain high-level exchanges and communication in the economic field. However, China also insisted that the US should end its suppression of Chinese enterprises, lift bans on Xinjiang-related products, and take concrete actions to address China’s major economic concerns.

The US has imposed sanctions on certain companies over allegations of forced labor in Xinjiang, a region in the far-western part of China. Beijing has consistently denied the use of forced labor and any other abuses in the region.

According to the ministry, China considers its development to be an opportunity rather than a risk for the US, emphasising that strengthening cooperation between the two countries is a practical necessity and the correct choice.

Yellen concluded her visit to Beijing after four days, characterising her bilateral meetings with senior Chinese officials as direct, substantive, and productive—a sentiment that was echoed in China’s summary of the talks.

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