CEMATRIX invests US$4m in Glavel Inc.

CEMATRIX Corporation, a prominent North American manufacturer and supplier of technologically innovative cellular concrete materials, has signed a Letter Agreement with Glavel Inc. (“Glavel”) that calls for a USD $4 million phased strategic investment in the company (the “Investment”).

Glavel, a Burlington, Vermont-based foam glass aggregate manufacturer, is the first in North America to electrify its manufacturing process. As a result, the material has a low embodied carbon content, making it excellent for infrastructure, residential, and commercial construction.

Glavel’s product is totally made of recycled glass that would otherwise be thrown away. Because of their lightweight and insulating qualities, these products offer a wide range of applications and complement the cellular concrete industry.

“Current applications include but are not limited to infrastructure applications such as the replacement of EPS Blocks (large blocks of rigid insulation) in overpass, bridge and retaining wall backfill projects and as an insulating sub-base for use over weak or unstable soils and for building applications including lightweight roof systems, under-slab insulation systems and building components,” a press release said.

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