Cedrus to bridge investment gap in Nigeria, Africa

Olubusayo Adeniyi, the Chief Executive Officer of Cedrus Group Africa, has stated that the company is bridging the infrastructural gap in order to increase investment in Nigeria and in Africa as a whole.

He addressed journalists during a press conference organized in Lagos ahead of the company’s planned ‘Cedrus 5,000 Plus Africa SMEs’ programme, which aims to position SMEs as greater players locally and internationally.

Adeniyi said, “Cedrus Group Africa is an investment banking firm. We are globally minded, and Africa focused. We actually exist for the purpose of bridging the gap in infrastructure in Africa and every other jurisdiction we are represented.”

The company’s core goals are driven by the discovery that Africa is yet to fully position itself as a hub or destination of serious investment. The group plans to use innovative structures and solution to further the cause of investments in the country and region.

“We have dynamic experienced people within the field of investment providing investment solution. We have actually started to provide the solution to both government institutions and corporation, individuals and as many that will come across our needs,”

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