Brazil prepares for the launch of fintech Lanistar

Following months of rising excitement and anticipation, UK-based fintech start up Lanistar has announced that it plans to launch its operations in Brazil in a not-so-distant future. Brazil will join a limited list of countries that have played host to the much-talked to the Lanistar Card and related offerings.

Lanistar provides a payment card and account provider that is tailored to meet the financial and lifestyle needs of millennials.

The fintech is expecting to reach and register 3 million customers in its first year of launching in Brazil. This is a significantly ambitious goal, especially as Monzo, a similar service was only able to acquire about 50,000 customers in its first year.

Since launching, the fintech firm’s campaign has garnered the support and even involvement of notable and prominent Brazilian influencers. Some of them include actress Camila Loures with 15 million followers, actress Flavia Pavanelli with 18 million followers and singer Gabi Martins with 12 million followers. The more detailed list also includes several local influencers, including Richarlison and Lucas Guimaraes.

The integration of the App has already commenced in Brazil, and it is now available to download from both App Store and Google Play. The firm’s core goal, as it pertains to operational growth milestone is to hit a £10bn+ valuation. The firm is currently hiring industry experts and other competent talents to aid its pursuit of this worth cause.

Some of its senior team members and key figures include Bill Suglani, CFO, a former BP, KPMG, and Open Banking executive, as well as Jeremy Baber, Director of Banking & Financial Services, who previously worked at GE Capital, Aldermore Bank, and Link Financial.

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