BoA announces B2C offering in Canada

Bank of America, a stalwart in the global banking arena, has unveiled its latest strategic move in the realm of digital finance. With an eye firmly set on enhancing its digital offerings, the banking behemoth has introduced its cutting-edge business-to-consumer (B2C) payments solution in Canada, marking a significant step in its ongoing commitment to fortify its digital arsenal.

This initiative forms an integral part of Bank of America’s overarching strategy, one that seeks to establish consistent and seamless digital solutions accessible to clients across all its global markets. A formidable addition to its digital toolkit, the recently launched Global Digital Disbursements platform, accessible through the bank’s robust CashPro platform, has been engineered to streamline the intricate process of processing multiple B2C payments and C2B collections. Here, the identifying factors are the recipient’s email address or mobile phone number, rendering it a cost-effective and consumer-centric payment alternative, effectively obviating the need for traditional cash or cheque transactions.

Leslie Konecny, the distinguished head of Product for Global Transaction Services (GTS) in Canada at Bank of America, voiced her enthusiasm, stating, “We are gratified to be the pioneering U.S. bank to introduce both C2B Request for Pay and B2C payment flows through this digital innovation in Canada. This marks a momentous achievement for Bank of America in the Canadian market, underscoring our steadfast commitment to meet the evolving digital requirements of our multinational clients. Through this initiative, we empower them with heightened velocity, flexibility, and transparency in managing their payment and receipt processes.”

In Canada, this groundbreaking solution is being rolled out in collaboration with Interac e-Transfer, a financial facilitator renowned for its role in enabling money movement for over 300 financial institutions across the country. What distinguishes this deployment is the inclusion of the “Request for Pay” feature, a pivotal component of the Global Digital Disbursements platform. This functionality empowers companies to transmit invoices to their clientele via text or email, accompanied by a convenient payment link, thereby expediting the receipt of payments.

Maureen Jarvis, the venerable head of GTS Canada at Bank of America, aptly noted, “The launch of Global Digital Disbursements in Canada coincides with our bank’s 75th anniversary in this nation. This eagerly anticipated unveiling underscores our unwavering dedication to local fintech innovations that enable our clients to reap cost savings and gain a competitive edge in their respective domains.”

Bank of America’s foray into Canada with its Global Digital Disbursements offering reflects not just its pioneering spirit but also its commitment to delivering innovative solutions that are in tune with the ever-evolving digital landscape, ultimately benefiting clients with enhanced efficiency and financial agility in the modern financial world.

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