BMW LATAM rolls out electric vehicle campaign

BMW Group Latin America and the Caribbean recently announced a strategy to have complete motor vehicle electrification for both the BMW and MINI brands by 2030, with the goal of eliminating carbon emissions from its activities by 2050.

“In 2022, BMW Group will reach half of its second stage of transformation towards these ambitious goals. In this stage, the company is electrifying its product core range thanks to the fifth generation of the BMW eDrive technology used for the first time in the BMW iX3, and that also drives the BMW iX, the company’s new technology flagship, as well as the completely new BMW i4,” according to release from the automaker.

Based on current plans, by 2025, “the group will have 25 electrified models, half of which will be all electrified models”, BMW Group Latin America further explained.

Following that, the company will enter the third stage of transition, in which it will fully restructure its IT and software architecture, as well as launch a new generation of electric drive systems and high-capacity batteries.

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