Bipartisan infrastructure project updates released

The Biden Administration has released updated data outlining the progress of national projects facilitated by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law of 2021.

During a press conference, White House Deputy Chief of Staff Natalie Quillian provided insights into the ongoing efforts. Quillian highlighted notable achievements, stating, “We have initiated improvements on over 257,000 miles of roads and initiated nearly 13,000 bridge repair projects, enhancing roadway safety and reconnecting previously divided communities nationwide.”

Quillian also noted a significant uptick in employment, stating, “We’ve generated 15 million jobs, with construction jobs reaching record levels, employing over 8.2 million construction workers as of April this year.”

Regarding Florida, funds for disaster relief, such as those for damages caused by Hurricane Ian, do not fall within the scope of this funding pool. However, a senior administration official clarified that funds for resilience measures are included. The official elaborated, stating, “Although disaster relief funds are not part of the infrastructure law, we have allocated $50 billion for resilience. This aims to fortify communities to withstand various environmental challenges, including floods, fires, storms, droughts, and other potential hazards.”

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