Asia needs US$60bn in energy investment annually

Asia is established as a leading demand center and has continued to have a pronounced influence on global energy trends. 

From 2000 to date, demand for energy in Southeast Asia has increased by over 80%, a growth rate that greatly outperforms the global average.

This swift growth rate has lasted even through the recent global health crisis and is on course to speed up even more in 2021. Various speakers will be reexamining these trends during the forthcoming Future Energy Asia conference hosted by Thailand.

The region’s power generation, transmission, and distribution infrastructure require an annual investment value of at least US$60 billion to continue to efficiently meet the growing electricity demand.

As income rises, the urban population continues to rise and industrialization progresses swiftly. These factors alone will see energy demand in the region hit double the global average come 2040. 

According to Tim Gould, the means through which this demand will be satisfied is dependent largely on the region’s policy choices.

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