ARDA stresses need for petroleum infrastructure

Inadequate storage and distribution infrastructure, combined with rising population and energy consumption, may exacerbate the current energy crisis.

Experts at the African Refiners and Distributors Association (ARDA) are particularly concerned about growing concerns about port congestion, limited storage depots for petroleum products, and deteriorating pipelines across the continent, warning that countries may face persistent crises of high cost and product shortage.

Executive Secretary, ARDA, Anibor Kragha, spoke at the 2022 ARDA virtual Storage and Distribution workshop with the theme, ‘Reducing Carbon Footprint of Africa’s Storage and Distribution Supply Chain,’ noting that fossil fuel demand and product imports would grow in Africa over the next two decades alongside major urban population growth, potentially resulting in increased pollution.

Kragha emphasised the importance of a sustainable shift to cleaner fuels in addressing public health challenges, saying that Africa’s Energy Transition Strategy would require integrated storage and distribution expenditures.

With rising product demand, African governments must prioritise storage and distribution facilities, according to Kragha, who also emphasised that the continent’s present capacity and hinterland supply lines are severely constrained.

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