Amazon to invest $7.2bn in Israel, launches cloud region

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has made a significant stride in its global expansion, announcing the launch of its cloud infrastructure in Israel. As part of this expansion, AWS plans to invest up to $7.2 billion in the Jewish state by 2037.

The move comes after AWS secured the Israeli government’s cloud tender, granting the company a major role in the “Nimbus” project. This initiative aims to provide cloud services to various government bodies, local authorities, government-owned companies, and the public sector. The overarching goal is to foster innovation and bolster digital services for Israeli citizens.

The newly launched “AWS Israel (Tel Aviv)” region boasts three availability zones, meticulously located to ensure seamless business continuity and low response times for customers. Each zone is strategically separated to maintain robustness and resilience.

Prasad Kalyanaraman, Vice President of Infrastructure Services at AWS, highlighted the significance of the AWS Region launch in Israel. It empowers customers to develop cutting-edge cloud-based applications while achieving top-notch levels of security, availability, and resilience. The move aligns with Israel’s broader strategy to promote technology innovation, supported by a pool of talented individuals, establishing the country as a thriving global hub for entrepreneurs, e-governments, and multinational businesses.

Cloud technology plays a pivotal role in digital transformation programs, and AWS is dedicated to supporting Israel’s endeavours to enhance citizen services for years to come. By delivering advanced cloud capabilities to government entities and fostering innovation, AWS aims to drive societal progress and economic growth in Israel.

The investment commitment of up to $7.2 billion by AWS reaffirms the company’s confidence in Israel’s potential as a technology-driven nation. As the cloud infrastructure takes root in the country, AWS is set to play a vital role in shaping Israel’s digital future and accelerating its path to becoming a technology powerhouse.

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