Amazon shuts down cloud infrastructure linked to Israeli firm NSO

Amazon Web Services, the cloud management arm of Jeff Bezos’ Amazon Inc., announced that it has disconnected and closed infrastructure and accounts linked to Israeli surveillance operator NSO Group.

This is according to a report by US media group Vice which was cited in a Reuters news post.

This step was taken after the firm reportedly discovered that Israel used NSO Group’s spyware in the hacks of 37 smartphones. These smartphones belonged to various media reporters, government employees, and activists across the globe. 

This conclusion was reached after 17 media organizations partnered on an extensive investigative effort. However, NSO denies the allegation, claiming that its services were only made available to the government for counter-crime and counter-terrorism operations.

“When we learned of this activity, we acted quickly to shut down the relevant infrastructure and accounts,” Amazon said through the statement of a spokesperson on Monday.

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