AfDB to loan Tunisia $112m for infrastructure

Tunisia announced that it had received $112 million in loans from the African Development Bank (AfDB) to finance the construction of the country’s roads. Economy minister, Samir Saied, said the agreement was signed during a meeting with the Director of the AfDB Tunis office, Mohamed Al-Azizi.

“The agreement includes funding for the road infrastructure development programme at a value of $112 million,” Saied revealed in a comment, emphasizing the fact that the funding was the “second part of a loan to intensify economic activity between the interior governorates and coastal counties.”

“The programme is one of the government’s priorities to improve living conditions, revitalize economic conditions, and pave the way for educated youth to establish small enterprises,” Saied noted.

Al-Azizi, for one, stated that the AfdB was ready to continue assisting Tunisia in fulfilling its reform and development plans.

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