Accenture buys Sentia for infrastructure in Europe

Accenture has purchased Sentia, a cloud consultancy firm with offices in the Netherlands that oversees private and public cloud migrations. The acquisition, whose financial details are still being kept under wraps, would help Accenture expand its Cloud First capabilities in Europe and offer end-to-end cloud infrastructure services across the full spectrum of clouds, including public, private, and sovereign ones.

Sentia, established in Amsterdam, offers cloud consultancy and delivery services for hybrid and multi-cloud strategy, cloud migration, and cloud transformation. The startup also provides digital experience monitoring services that examine, follow, and forecast business software and cloud services from the viewpoint of the end user.

Sentia’s staff of over 310 cloud experts from the Netherlands, Belgium, and Bulgaria will join Accenture Cloud First and boast over 500 certifications. However, the Danish division of the company will continue to operate independently and is not a part of the acquisition.

Sentia CEO Ian Zein said: “Now we can take our deep experience in both public and private cloud transformation to help Accenture clients operate with greater speed and achieve stronger business outcomes at scale.”

Roy Ikink, lead for Accenture Cloud First Netherlands added: “With Sentia, we are expanding our strategic infrastructure engineering and emerging technologies capabilities across Europe, especially in the Netherlands and Belgium.”

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