Abu Dhabi takes stake in EdgePoint Infrastructure, commits up to US$500m

According to an announcement published on Thursday, a subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) purchased a sizeable amount of equity in EdgePoint Infrastructure, a digital infrastructure platform that focuses on Southeast Asia as a primary market.

Though failing to state the exact amount of equity purchased, the statement indicated that “ADIA has committed up to $500 million to invest in EdgePoint and to support the future growth of the platform, which is expected to include both acquisitions and the development of new towers.”

EdgePoint’s primary business is buying, building, and operating telecommunication towers. The company also builds and operates distributed antenna systems and related infrastructure, all within Southeast Asia.

EdgePoint, which was launched by DigitalBridge Group, Inc., owns over 10, 000 sites across Indonesia and Malaysia and is poised to expand its operations into other countries and markets in Asia-Pacific.

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