4iG offloads mobile infrastructure

Hungarian operator group 4iG has recently reached an agreement to sell its mobile network assets and spectrum to Pro-M, a Budapest-based wireless communications company. The deal, conducted through 4iG’s subsidiary Antenna Hungaria, amounts to HUF 68 billion ($199 million).

As part of the sale, 4iG is transferring various assets, including 2,500 towers, activated passive radion network assets, and 1,800MHz of licensed mobile frequencies. These assets were previously spun off to 4iG’s subsidiary, MIS Omega Mobilhalozat. The transfer of mobile services from Quad player DIGI to Vodafone Hungary’s network on June 1, as part of an integration program, laid the groundwork for this deal.

Pro-M, a subsidiary of NISZ National Infocommunications Services Company, operates the Unified Digital Radio System for critical emergency services under government contract. With the acquisition of 4iG’s mobile assets, Pro-M aims to enhance its capabilities and reduce response times. The company also plans to expand its network services to include utility services such as gas, water, and electricity.

This strategic move is expected to bolster Pro-M’s position in the wireless communications market, enabling it to offer improved services to both emergency and utility sectors. Meanwhile, 4iG’s divestiture aligns with its business objectives and allows the company to focus on other core operations and opportunities in the telecommunications sector.

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