Digital Asset Fund Manager of the Year – Singapore 2024 –

ZX Squared Capital ( is a cryptocurrency hedge fund whose main strategy is options trading in large-cap cryptos. We aim to achieve sustainable high returns while reducing risk (volatility), achieving a Sharpe ratio much higher than Bitcoin. The fund has a target annual volatility of 25-30% and a target long-term annual return of 40-70%, with substantial protection in bear markets.

Our team is composed of Wall Street senior executives and technology practitioners in the crypto industry. Mr. CK Zheng, Chief Investment Officer, is the former Global Head of Valuation and Risk at Credit Suisse. Felix Xu and Yemu Xu are founders of ARPA and Bella Protocol, two top 500 crypto projects by market cap and listed on Coinbase and Binance. Yemu and Felix also made it to the 30 Under 30 Asia list by Forbes. We have a clear understanding of the blockchain technology and crypto market cycle and track more than 50 on-chain and proprietary data.