WPS Advisory Limited

Best Retirement Advisory – United Kingdom 2022 –


Providing high quality, value for money, financial advice

Our Aim

We want to change the way our industry works and communicates with consumers. In our view financial advice has always been about the selling of financial products, almost finding and shoehorning individuals into a shape that justifies the sale of that product as suitable.

This has meant that consumers do not always understand what they have bought, or they may ultimately undervalue the work done to help meet their best interests.

How we achieve our aim

Cutting through the complexity means we focus on doing two things really well:

  • Talking to people in a way they understand, creating and evidencing informed decisions;
  • Reducing or removing the barriers that stop people from  talking to us.

This is about trust and value for money. 

We believe that by providing high quality and truly tailored and personal advice on a value for money basis, proving this can be done profitably and sustainably whilst still leaving more of their own money in customer pockets, will influence wider industry change.

Our culture

We do the right thing by our customer no matter the challenges we might face.

Trust is everything and when it exists in our business and in the industry, consumers will no longer be nervous or afraid when it comes to seeking financial advice. 

Respecting consumers

It is essential that as part of our work with consumers we understand and give respect to what they have achieved in their lives.  Not only their values, plans and objectives, but the way in which this and life-long learning influences how they make decisions.

Unlike our peers we do not talk about educating consumers so they are able to engage with us.  We focus on ensuring we learn about consumers, so we are able to engage with them, in a way which makes them feel comfortable and empowered.

Track record

Since 2015 we have engaged with over 100,000 consumers and build an unparalleled record for delivering properly tailored financial advice, even in the most complex of circumstance.

From a standing start in 2015 we established ourselves as a top 100 firm of financial advisers in the UK by 2020. We are the largest firm in our specialist sector, advice via the workplace or pension scheme.

We launched our OneYou trading style in 2022, creating direct access to consumers who want to work with us, but do not have access via their employer or pension scheme.


Our entirely unique “Who am I” programme is designed to ensure that consumers engage with us on their own terms, in their own way, using their own language.

This means that when an individual becomes our customer, they have a clear map which shows their plans, their values, their objectives, their needs and their wants, and how they plan to achieve them.

This ensures we are working to achieve what they want, not seeking to sell them a product which may be ill fitting or sometimes entirely unsuitable.

Making the difference

We choose to do things in a very different way because we believe there is greater need for financial advice than ever before.

By always ensuring we do the right thing by our customer we believe we can change an industry for the better, creating better consumer experience and outcomes as a direct result.