Cyber Insurance Provider of the Year – USA 2023 –

Upfort is a leading platform for cyber security and insurance that provides holistic protection from evolving cyber threats. Founded in 2017 to expand global access to cyber resilience, Upfort makes cyber risk easy to manage and simple to insure. The company’s proprietary cybersecurity technology streamlines the cyber insurance purchase and underwriting process for brokers, insurers, and their clients. Upfort’s AI-powered email protection, network defence, security training, and ongoing monitoring are trained on and tuned to prevent incidents causing widespread financial damage to businesses. With proprietary data and intelligent automation, Upfort’s AI anticipates risk and streamlines mitigation for hassle-free underwriting. Insurers, brokers, and risk advisors partner with Upfort to offer clients resilience and peace of mind against cyber threats. To learn more about Upfort, visit