SYZ Group

The Syz Group is a family owned and managed Swiss financial group focused on good long-term investment performance, robust risk management, and personal service for clients. Entrepreneurs for centuries, the group was co-founded in 1996 by Eric Syz who still leads the firm alongside his two sons and a team of industry expertsStable and secure – the Syz Group holds substantial equity, almost double Switzerland’s regulatory requirements.


The group serves clients across four main areas:

·         Bank Syz offers private clients a genuine alternative to the traditions of Swiss private banking

·         Syz Independent Managers provides the full services of a custodian bank to external asset managers.

·         Syz Capital offers investors the opportunity to invest alongside the Syz family in hard to access alternative investments including private markets

·         Syz Asset Management primarily invests the assets of Swiss institutional investors in bonds and money market instruments.


Syz clients share the group’s long-term view and focus on building sustainable wealth for the future.