Historically, the bank was born out of the 1947 takeover of the Banque Commerciale Africaine by the Société Générale Group. Since 1963, it has been operating officially under the name “Société Générale de Banques au Cameroun” and since 18 October 2013, it became ” Société Générale Cameroun “.

With 658 employees and 38 branches throughout Cameroon, Société Générale Cameroun places accessibility and proximity at the heart of its commitment and daily actions. The Société Générale Cameroon teams are working alongside 245 000 customers (large companies, SMEs, professionals and individuals) to provide them with long-term support and solutions tailored to their needs.

Thus, our bank is committed to offering its customers of large and medium-sized companies, professionals, institutions, associations and individuals, quality, flexible and innovative products (CONNECT mobile application, YUP electronic purse), adapted to their needs and at competitive prices.

Present in Cameroon since 1963, Société Générale Cameroun’s expertise is based on a team of advisors who are attentive and dedicated to customer satisfaction and offer a complete and diversified range of products and services as well as an innovative multi-channel system. Société Générale Cameroun is a bank at the service of Cameroonians and is fully integrated into the Cameroonian economy. The bank celebrated its 50th anniversary of operations in the country in 2013.