Most Innovative Digital Financing Solution – Japan 2023 –

Smartpay is an innovative company that is changing the game of digital transformation. We provide the best value to consumers, merchants, governments, and banks alike through our commitment to innovation and collaboration. Our flagship product, Smartpay Bank Direct, is
Japan’s first digital consumer financing service that allows customers to pay for online instalment purchases straight from their bank accounts. With a network of 20 partner banks and 201 credit unions throughout Japan, Smartpay Bank Direct emphasises user security while delivering convenience for the consumer. Best of all, this new service is free and available as standard on the checkout page when using Smartpay, with no additional interest, usage, or late fees. By enabling consumers to make their dream shopping experience a reality, we solve merchants’ e-commerce problems at the point of purchase, reducing cart abandonment rates and increasing AOV (average order value).

In addition to providing value to consumers, Smartpay collaborates with governments to facilitate their digital transformation, working closely with regulators to ensure compliance with laws and regulations. We also provide innovative solutions to banks, working closely with them to drive conversion rates and increase customer satisfaction.

Smartpay’s commitment to innovation and collaboration extends beyond just business partnerships. We work closely with our consumers, designing products and services that meet their needs and enhance their shopping experiences. Our commitment to regulatory compliance is also evident in our collaboration with governments and regulators.

Our commitment to excellence has been recognised through numerous awards, including the Japan Financial Innovation Award, and the “Top 5 Payment Solutions Providers in Japan” and “Top 10 Payment Solutions ASIA Pacific 2023” by the CIO Review APAC magazine “Excellence in Finance – Most Innovative Payment Gateway 2023” by FiNext Conference and the Harvard Business School Alumni New Venture Competition APAC – Best Investment Category. In less than a year since its launch, Smartpay has achieved impressive results. Its
merchants’ AOV has increased by 40% on average across all categories, with the fashion category having the highest AOV increase of over 70%. Conversion rate at the point of purchase has increased by 10%. Smartpay has also seen a 30% increase in the number of merchants and a 3,000% increase in the number of consumers.

Our systems have been tested for scaling and we are proud to have been awarded the “Fastest Growing Fintech Asia 2023 Award” by the Global Financial Market Review.

Smartpay has been recognised as the “Japanese fintech leader” according to a Yahoo Finance article.